8 Ways To Give Your Garden An Autumn Makeover


It’s Autumn season which means you will in all probability spend extra hours cleaning your garden. You can pick the dried leaves yourself or hire experts from LD Total to give your lawn a major makeover. You can then choose your favorite flower like a viola for your garden as www.sunherald.com/living/article186095388.html gives you plenty of reasons to grow one.

Meanwhile, here are few things you can do to prepare your garden for the harsh winter months that lie ahead.

1. Greenhouse effect: If you have applied a coat of paint on your greenhouse, scrub it using hot water or detergent. This way once the paint comes off, maximum sunlight can penetrate through the glass. Look for dried leaves that are trapped near the drainage and replace any broken or damaged glasses.
2. Clean the interior of the greenhouse: While you are spring cleaning the exterior of the greenhouse, why not use this chance to take a look at the interior as well? Bring out all the plants and remove any dried leaves that have collected inside. Using a good disinfectant to clean the path leading to the greenhouse and the glasses must be thoroughly cleaned.
3. Replant: you can remove withered plants and annuals and replace them with a fresh batch of colorful pansies or wallflowers. Prune the dried perennials to ground level, steering clear from those that have attractive heads. They make for a beautiful winter attraction when the dew sits on the seed heads.

Next, you have to apply a thick and uniform layer of compost on the soil. Do not worry too much about them as the earthworms will take care of it.

4. Revitalize the lawn: Autumn is a wonderful time to indulge in gardening activities and invest your money in flowers and plants of your choice. Look for the presence of moss or thatch. Use a moss killer if you find that moss has grown uncontrollably. For better drainage, you can make holes using a garden fork across the entire area.
You can apply a layer of sand and then cover it up using lawn feed to ensure that the lawn is ready for next summer.
5. Make compost using leaves: collect dried leaves in a large wire container. Sprinkle some water, shake the bag well and let it sit undisturbed in a corner of your lawn. In case you are using a leaf bin, you have to remember to sprinkle water frequently if the mixture becomes too dry. Look for the texture of the leaves during the course of time and you can use it as mulch for the plant borders.
6. Clear old compost bins: Spring cleaning your garden will generate a lot of waste products like dried leaves. This is a good time to use the previous year’s compost for your plants, making sufficient space for the new compost.
7. Evergreen plants are in: Spruce up your garden by planting evergreen plants like Daphne and other flowering plants like Fatsia. Get creative and trim the Holly plant into neat shapes.
8. Clean the garden tools: Once you finish using the spades and forks, clean them thoroughly and wipe them dry. Store them in a clean and dry place for future use. If needed you can apply linseed oil and clean the wooden handles.